How to use your AI generated headshots

  • Tyler Strong

    April 11, 2024

Man in suit buttoning himself



Elevate Your Professional Presence with AI-Generated Headshots


Having a professional headshot is crucial for making a great first impression online. From LinkedIn profiles to job applications and personal websites, a high-quality portrait can significantly enhance your professional image. Fortunately, advancements in AI technology have made it easier and more accessible to obtain stunning headshots. 


Understanding AI-Generated Headshots


AI image generation uses machine learning algorithms to create realistic and customized images based on user inputs. For headshots, this technology allows you to generate professional-quality portraits that capture how you look. It's crucial to understand that generated photos based on an input are only as good as the input. Trash in, trash out. Ensure that photos you submit have high resolution and pixel size. It's also important to highlight that you are the subject, so a well centered photo with no 3rd party participants is preferred. And finally, you must submit photos that consistently portray what you want to look like. If you submit photos with pajamas, messy hair, combed hair, glasses, no glasses - There's no guessing what your generated photos will look like. Take control of what you want to look like by crafting your own image with the input.


Preparing for Your AI-Generated Headshot


Before generating your AI headshot, choose a reputable AI image generation service or tool, such as Headshottr. Determine the desired style, and overall aesthetic by submitting photos that closely align to how you'd like to look. This allows you to craft your own output without having to pay for a more premium service that offers prompting. This will ensure that the generated headshot aligns with your professional brand and goals. Keep in mind that most platforms, including Headshottr, includes photo guidelines instructing you on what you should and should not upload. Following these will yield the best results. For more information, read here for how to choose the right photos.


Using Your AI-Generated Headshot on Professional Platforms


There's quite a few ways you could utilize these AI-Generated headshots that you'd acquired. Here are some ways. Keep in mind that most services display yourself best when the image you're using is not blown up and shown on the entire screen. AI is inherently flawed and will occasionally generate artifacts and inaccuracies. Ensure these do not show by using services and platforms that display yourself as an avatar. A smaller view of yourself makes it much harder to distinguish mistakes.

  • LinkedIn: Update your profile picture with your AI-generated headshot, and optimize it for visibility by ensuring it's clear, well-lit, and follows LinkedIn's image guidelines.
  • Job Boards and Recruiting Websites: Use your AI headshot on resumes, applications, and online portfolios to create a consistent and professional visual representation of yourself.
  • Personal Websites and Online Portfolios: Integrate your AI headshot into your digital presence, ensuring it complements your overall branding and messaging.

Embrace this cutting-edge technology to enhance your professional image and stand out in the digital world. Try AI-generated headshots for yourself and experience the power of a polished, tailored portrait with Headshottr.